Dining in rich heritage

It is not about dining the Western Food our dinning in a restaurant. It is street food in Old Quarter of Hanoi which has rich dinning heritage. When mandarins, businessman, and skillful handicrafts had moved from outlying villages into the capital, they also bring their best mouth-watering dishes, and even Hanoi has been the long the capital of Vietnam and the secret of how to process the best dish for royal, all in all are handed down recently in street of Hanoi Old Quarter.

With rich heritage, hygienic food of fresh and unique tropical flavor, Hanoi street food is often cited as one of the world's great food capitals. Here are some of the best dishes that you should try when you stay in Hanoi Old Quarter.
Hanoi dessert – “che”- the delicious Hanoi snacks like a perfect symphony of many special local ingredients. The best way to enjoy “che” is in street stalls which owned by local experts in cooking “che”. Besides, you may sink in the wonderful world of Hanoi street snacks such as: salted dry apricot and sugared dry apricot, fried banana cakes, mixed fresh fruit with yoghurt…
Add: 31 Đào Duy Từ. Time: 09:00 – 21:00. Price: from 15,0000đ
Fresh Tofu Custard - A Lovely Treat for Summer, the favorite snacks is tofu custard (dofu fa). Different from regular tofu that is used for cooking, this very elegant style of tofu needs consuming fresh to attain the best taste. When asked for a small bowl of dofu fa, the seller uses a small spatula to skim thin slices of hot silken tofu, put into a china bowl, and pour sweet ginger sauce marinated with grapefruit flower. This folksy but elegant, simple but delicate dessert contains so many special savors – creamy, silky, lightly sweet, and refreshing.
Add: 12 Hàng Lược. Time: 07:30 – 23:00. Price: 8,000 – 19,000vnđ
“Pho” in Hanoi – the unforgettable taste – Unlike Japanese ramen, or Korean requires many ingredients, only with steaming soup, beef or chicken, rice noodles, “Pho” has become a masterpiece of Hanoi traditional cuisine. Hanoian are sophisticated in picking up ingredients as well as cooking, therefore, the flavor of soup of“Pho” is very subtle, delicate, not too strong or too bland, different from the soup cooked in luxury restaurants of France, Italy. Even Hanoi Pho is popular in America; however, only in Hanoi is Pho the best.
Add: 49 Bát Đàn/10 Lý Quốc Sư. Time: 09:00 – 19:00. Price: from 35,000vnđ
“Bun Rieu Cua Recipe” Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup. This soup has a lot of texture and is not only bold in flavor, but also colorful. The highlight of Bun rieu cua is the golden color of the water from crab after crab was milled, that color blend with eye-catching red color of tomato and gach cua (crab paste). The broth is the most important thing that has made bun rieu cua special. Soup is made from crab in rice fields, it must be fresh through the processing stages from preliminary processing, pounding, fetching water, cooking to using spices and basil. Bun rieu cua has light sweet taste and subtle flavor of crab in rice fields, with sour taste of tomato and tamarind, aroma of basil.
Add: 11 Hàng Bạc. Time: 06:00 – 15:00. Price: from 20,000vnđ
“Bun cha” (Soft noodles with grilled meat) - you will love it!
Many tourists felt in love with “Bun cha” at the first time they tried it. Besides of small grilled pork slices, rice vermicelli, the outstanding feature of “bun cha” is wonderful taste of sauce, little sweet of sugar, and also slightly sour of vinegar, at the same time little chilly of garlic, chills, peppers.
Add: No.67 Đường Thành – No.1 Hàng Mành. Time: 09:00 – 18:00. Price: from 70,000vnđ
“Bun bo Nam Bo” (Southern beef vermicelli) - right in the middle of Hanoi - A bowl of “bun bo Nam Bo” is a perfect combination of tastes of many kinds of local vegetables, herbs and marinated beef with special spices in balanced ratio. Hanoian are experts in delicious, strong tasted hand-made sauce.  When the sauce is poured over the bowl “bun bo”, its flavor wakes up all your senses just with the first bite.
Add: 39C Lý Quốc Sư/ 67 Hàng Điếu. Time: 07:00 – 22:00. Price: from 35,000vnđ
“Cha ca Thang Long” (Fried Turmeric Fish with Dill) - To enjoy the completely perfect flavor of Fried Turmeric Fish with Dill, you should visit Thang Long restaurant. The underlying reasons for its fame are local fish picked up carefully to assure the freshness and the way of frying the fish moderately to reach the brightly brown color, and still keep the softness, not too dried, or too tough and the harmony with the fragrance of onions, dills. This dish cannot be enjoyed without the smoothly stirred shrimp paste. Just one bite! And….wow…
Add: No.21 – 31 Đường Thành. Time: 10:00 – 22:00. Price: from: 110,000vnđ
"Banh Cuon" Vietnamese steamed rice rolls - Seeking out new eateries in Hanoi should be straightforward. For years, Bánh Cuốn (Vietnamese steamed rice rolls) has never stop to demonstrate its long-lasting perfect comfort food to food lovers. When people need something light, delicate yet flavorful, Bánh Cuốn is an inescapable dish quickly passes voting to be named in the menu. For those are familiar with Bánh Cuốn, no savory substitute is likely. For those have not yet ever try the dish, once taste it, people soon fall in love with very light but flavorful and earthy rolls.
Add: 14 Hàng Gà. Time: 06:30 – 19:00. Price: from 50,000
“Pho Cuon Ha Noi” Vietnamese Rice Noodle Rolls Hanoi-Style- Pho cuon was basically a thicker rice noodle sheet, with sauteed beef and greens, wrapped into a roll. It's not as delicate as banh cuon (Vietnamese rice noodle rolls), but it certainly had its own charm. The interesting is that you will practice to make once for you.
Add: 26 – 35 Nguyễn Khắc Hiếu. Time: 09:00 – 23:00. Price: from 40,000vnđ
“Bánh Gối”- (Pillow Shaped Cake) - Intrigues guests at first sight for its pretty baby pillow shape and its colorful sauce. Like most cakes in Vietnam, bánh gối is not baked but deep fried to create a charming yellow pastry skin, crispy and fragrant. Firstly, water and rice flour are mixed to perfect ratio, making soft and moist dough. Next, glass noodle, wood ears, kohlrabi and mushroom, all tendered and finely chopped, are blended with minced pork and seasonings, this is an easy recipe for a flavorful filling.
Add: 84 Nguyễn Khuyến. Time: 07:00 – 21:00. Price: from 25,000vnđ(take away)
Vietnamese baguette – differentiate bread - still surprises tourists from France, Italy – which are fathers of baked bread. While the outsider of bread is crunchy, the inside is very soft, fragrant.  Depending on the personal taste, you can enjoy the bread with fried eggs, liver pâté, bacons, or even local specialty: grinded pork…with Vietnamese styled salad, La Vong fried fish… which will bring out the Vietnamese strong taste. 
Add: 16A Lý Thái Tổ. Time: 06:00 – 20:30. Price: from 15,000vnđ
Experience beer drinking in “street” way.- If you are a huge fan of beer, there is a “Vietnamese map of beer” for your choice: Hanoi beer (Hanoi), 333 beer (Hoi An), Huda beer (Da Nang), Saigon beer (Sai Gon)… Moreover, if you love plunking down in table of random bars, and want to enjoy Hanoi living scenery at night, you can enjoy a glass of beer with local prices in Ta Hien Street – called as “Pho Tay”, is the first top of your list…It is not only a perfect place for group of friends hanging out and chatting all night long but also the fast way to integrate into local daily life.
Bia Hơi Tạ Hiện. Time: 07:00 – 24:00. Price: from 7,000vnđ
A Breakthrough in drinking coffee – Egg coffee- It is said that when being in Hanoi, you should leave your foreign views of point behind to feel perfectly the hidden beauty of Hanoi. Hanoian prefer to enjoy the strong taste of filtered black coffee or with sweet conditioned milk in “street cafe“ - just few small wooden chairs scattered on the street or in little Vietnamese ancient architecture-designed café restaurant. Other perfect choice for you is egg coffee (14,000-18,000 VND) – the greater harmony of buttery taste of egg and the little bitter of coffee or with the cacao.
Add: 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân. Time: 06:00 – 23:00. Price: from 14,000vnđ
Fruit juices & smoothies - are top-list choice for those who consider the healthy diet, skincare, nutritious dishes as their priorities.  As the tropical countries, Vietnam is blessed with wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, you would have a great chance to enjoy the fresh, various tastes of local fruit juice and smoothies.
Add: 15A Tô Tịch. Time: 08:00 – 21:00. Price: 15,000vnđ