1 Night or 2 Nights On Cruise Is Better?

Overnight cruising in Halong Bay is on a lot of traveler's wish list. Sleeping onboard is an enjoyable experience when you can feel the breathtaking landscape right beside your bedroom. Tourists to Halong Bay are often confused that they should stay for one night or two nights on cruise.

If you have quite a plenty of time, two nights are great. If not, one night should be fine. One night on a Halong Bay cruise may be lovely, but when you finally make it to this natural wonder you should really stay for at least two.

A cabin for overnight cruise

Tourists firstly hesitated by the price difference. Most of them were afraid that they would waste their money and time on the Bay. The one night option is a safer choice. One night is ideal for those who want to experience the Bay within a limited time frame.

According to a cruise’s report, 70% of people stay for one night on Halong Bay, while 25% go for two nights, and the remaining 5% or so enjoy a three night cruise, not including those who simply go out for a day trip. Though the one night option seem to be more popular, many people regret that they didn’t take the 2 night cruise. By leaving after one night they missed out on the chance to explore more of this extraordinary part of the world, not to mention more time relaxing onboard. Of course, with around 2000 islands and islets spread around 1553 km², it would take a longer time to see all of the Bay, ‘two days and one night’ trip is not enough. Some tourists even like to spend a full week on the Bay to explore more.

Beside, some tourists commented that the  two days/ one night trip is actually one day and one night. After a night sleeping onboard, the cruise takes you to the rest of Halong Bay and goes back to the city. If you are looking for more from your Halong Bay experience, consider a 3 day-2 night cruise. Dedicated three days to Halong considerably expands what you can do while in the bay.  You'll be able to explore the entire area, cruising through corners of the bay far from the busier routes plied by those on day trips. The two night cruise includes more activities: swimming, kayaking, visting floating village, cruising to Cat Ba Island... Plenty of tourists are satisfied with their trip and wish they could stay longer.

Night on cruise is not for sleeping only, there are also interesting activities such as karaoke, squid fishing, playing game or holding a party... Spend more time in the Bay, tourists will never regret for their decisions. After two nights in Halong Bay, tourists can know that their money is not wasted at all.


An over night cruising in Halong Bay provide a lifetime of memories. If you don’t have a lot of time or you’re on budget, one night is enough. For more sightseeing and participate in exciting activities, you should stay for at least two day.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone or with your family or friends, the important thing is you really should see Halong Bay at least once in your life.