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TIME TABLE AND PRICE: Train from Hanoi

To Train name Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth(6) Soft Berth(4)  
Ninh binh Reunification Express Train $8
N/A N/A Select
Dong Hoi
Reunification Express Train
 $38 $42 $45
Reunification Express Train
 $41 $44 $50 Select
Dannang Reunification Express Train
 $43 $54 $60
Nhan Trang
Reunification Express Train
 $62 $86 $91
Thap Cham
Reunification Express Train
 $64 $90 $93 Select
Muong Man
Reunification Express Train
$90 $92
Ho Chi Minh (City)
Reunification Express Train
 $69 $91 $95 Select
Nam Ninh
Reunification Express Train
N/A $50

Train from Hanoi by train tourist

To Train name Hard Berth(6) Soft Berth(4) VIP Berth(2)  
Dong Hoi Livitrans Express Train
N/A $55 N/A Select
Livitrans Express Train
N/A $70
N/A Select
Livitrans Express Train
N/A $80 N/A Select


As most train journeys in Vietnam are of a substantial duration 7-12 hours, please be advised of the following:

Soft Sleepers

  • Each rail car/carriage consists of up to 6 x cabins/compartments and at least 1, maybe 2 lavatories, one at each end of the car/carriage
  • Within each cabin or compartment there are 4 to 6 berths depending on the service, each with individual storage space at the foot of the berth and/or underneath

The lower berths
  • Berths are purchased on a shared compartment basis
  • For passengers who require more privacy, they can always purchase all 4 or 6 berths depending on the service, compartment configuration and subject to

  • Soft sleeper indicates the provision of a mattress, pillow and light linen
  • All trains are Air - conditioned and have an on board a restaurant or buffet car.

Is there air conditioning on board the train?
All Sleeper compartments have air-conditioning.

Can we exchange vouchers at the train station?
No tickets will be sent to your hotel accommodation.

Are the trains safe?
Travel police actively patrol every train and the incident of robbery is extremely rare. As with every form of public transport you should never leave valuables unattended.

What kind of sleepers are there on Vietnam Railway

*Hard seat:
You get what you pay for certainly holds true when it comes to hard seats on a Vietnamese train. It is a hard seat -- actually a wooden bench seat to be exact

*Soft seat:
Soft seat are considerably more comfortable and are more than adequate for day-travel. The seats are quite difficult to sleep in though.

*Hard sleeper:
We'd say they're more than adequate for the budget traveler, though you won't be planning to fit a hard sleeper into your bedroom back home. Hard sleeper comes in a six-berth configuration with both a fan-cooled and air-con option. The cheapest bunk is the top one, then the middle one, with the lowest bunk being the most expensive. The compartments do not have a door.

*Soft sleeper:
This is the most comfortable class and comes with surprisingly soft beds in a four-bed configuration, with or without air-con. Unlike hard sleepers, these compartments do have a door so are considerably more secure.