Conquer Fansipan - the Roof of Indochina

If you’re keen to get your blood pumping during your trip, a trek to the top of Mount Fansipan this is the very best way to do it which will take you through some of the most remote areas of the area while rewarding you with spectacular view from the very top of the country.

Fansipan, which belongs to Hoang Lien Son mountain range and under protection of the Hoang Lien National Park, is the highest mountain in Vietnam. For young and bravery people, climbing Fansipan Mount, also known as "the Roof of Indochina", is the symbol of personal struggle to achieve. The height of 3143 meters is a big challenge to many Vietnamese generations.

Fansipan Mountain

Rainy season is from May to end of September, which can make the trip more difficult with slippery road and dark sky. Travelers are recommended to go in dry season from October to April. Best time to visit Fansipan is from October to November, when the rain had stopped and the winter has not really arrived. Or, from February to April is the azalea flowers blooming season. At this time, you you will be amazed by the picturesque scenery with splendid red azalea hiding in the lush green trees and the white clouds.

White clouds

To prepare for the trip, number one prerequisite is to have a good strength. You should start your physical training plan one or two months before the trip.

Though the peak is accessible all year round, you should prepare your luggage carefully and fit for the time when you travel. Bring as few things in your backpack as possible, only necessary stuff (such as warm clothes, socks, scarf, and flash light in case you have to go in the dark), because it is not easy climbing up with a heavy backpack behind. As you go in mountain road through the forest and stream, you should bring waterproof trekking shoes, raincoat, insect repellent, a first aid kit, and some medicines for popular diseases such as flu, diarrhea, fever... Also bring food, drinks and snacks for re-energizing on the way. Lemon is very good for your health that you can use a lemon a day. Eating a slice of lemon can help increase the water holding capacity of the body. You don’t need to bring a lot of electronic devices. If you have camera or phone, put them in a plastic bag when not in use. In the winter, you may need some heating patches to keep warm.

Ready for climbing

There are three popular routes to Fansipan, with different types of terrain and lengths. Depending on time, the Management Board of Hoang Lien National Park allows you to take the appropriate route.

- The route from Tram Ton Pass:
This route at the height of 1900 meters is selected by most of the tourists because it is the easiest way. It will take two days and one night for this route, even just one day for those who are familiar to mountain roads.

- The route from Sin Chai Village:
At the height of 1260 meters is the shortest way but the most adventurous, with dangerous cliffs, requiring climbers to sometimes use ropes or other special facilities. It will take two days or more for this route.

- The route from Cat Cat:
At the height of 1245 meters is the longest way, mixes some challenging climbs with great scenery. It will take three days and two nights or more to reach Fansipan.

Many climbers had to give up halfway because of less preparation. But certainly, just with an unflinching determination, anyone can reach the top of the mountain.

Conquer the Fansipan Peak

Most of climbers were emotionally torn when they set their feet on the Fansipan peak. Some people shouted out loud, some jumped up happily, some cried, some hugged and kissed the steel block carved with the words “Fansipan – 3.143m”. After a difficult climb, the climbers are rewarded with the magnificent wild green nature with blue sky and a sea of clouds around the mountain. Standing on the peak of Fansipan is an amazing and victorious feeling. It is not the mountain you conquer but yourselves. Do not forget to take pictures from different directions because this might be an once-in-a-lifetime moment. Arduous and difficult, but that is the factor determining the attractiveness of the trip. . And Fansipan still majestically stands there as a challenge to anyone with desire to conquer. Never give up!