Do United Kingdom passport holders need a visa to Vietnam?

No, United Kingdom may not need a visa to Vietnam for less than 15 days.

1. Which staying length is required to apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival?
  less than 15 days from 15 to 30 days greater than 30 days
United Kingdom No Yes Yes
2. How much does VOA cost for United Kingdom passport holders?
In order to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival, United Kingdom passport holders need to pay Service fee (for the Approval Letter) and Stamp fee (for Visa stamp at the airport) as below details:
Visa Types Service Fee
Cost/Person (USD)
pay online by credit card
Stamp Fee
Cost/Person (USD)
pay in cash at the airport
Total Visa Fee
Normal Processing Urgent (1 working day)
1 month single entry (30 days) 2 7 25 Total Visa Fee = Service Fee + Stamp Fee

* Service Fee: pay BestPrice Travel via our website
* Stamp Fee: pay immigration officers directly and in cash at the airport
3 month single entry (87 days) 3 8 25
1 month multiple entry (30 days) 7 12 50
3 month multiple entry (87 days) 18 23 50